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Case Study: Momentum

Application Design

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FLUXathon is a yearly 24-hour challenge organized by FLUX - UX Club. The 2020 theme is: gamifying, global, good.


During the pandemic, there has been an increase in engagement from activists, however, there’s been an increase bystanders. How might we empower Stacktivists to increase engagement?


Momentum is a mobile app where users can find events near them and gather rewards for their engagement.

My Roles

Secondary Research, branding, UI/UX Design, visual design, and interaction design


FLUXathon is a yearly 24-hour design challenge organized by FLUX - UX Club at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). The 2020 theme is: gamifying, global, good.

What does Momentum do? 

  1. Organize events to be a more digestible and actionable strategic plan for people to follow

  2. Creates a community where people can find people with a common interest

  3. Invests in alternatives routines 

  4. Provide autonomy

Momentum is a mobile app where users can find events near them and gather rewards for their engagement with their community. 

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During the pandemic, there has been an increase in engagement from activists, however, there’s been an increase in bystanders. 

Secondary Research

With the short duration of the 24-hour desighathon, our team focused on finding secondary sources. We researched how petitions work and how we can improve the process. Our design space was aimed towards the petition experience because there’s a lack of choice currently. Currently, in the petition experience, it looks like something like this: 

  1. Petition gets created 

  2. Petition gets shared 

  3. Petition gets signed

  4. Limbo

48.9% of the US adult population is made up of “interested bystanders.” They pay attention to issues and value civic engagement, but they find it difficult to publicly voice their opinions or take action.

-Kate Krontiris, Berkman Klein Center, Harvard

From the word “interested bystanders,” this terms comes up called:



noun informal

Actions performed via the internet in support of a political or social cause, characterized as involving very little effort or commitment.


How might we empower individuals (slacktivists) by incorporating alternatives in their routine for a cause that they support?

Competitive Analysis/Marketing Research

Change.org_logo.svg.png a petition website operating by for-profit The company makes money by selling advertised petitions on the website which sponsors over 400 million users for organizations. From their mission statement to “empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see,” however users often don't take the next step for the cause they want to support. 

Design Requirements 

  1. Invest in alternatives (to change the world we really need to change our world’s first)

  2. Providing autonomy (control over the necessary information and resources that people need)

Low Fidelity Wireframes​

We all created low fidelity wireframes and talked about what we liked about each of them before creating the final high fidelity wireframes. 

Frame 6.jpg
Frame 7.jpg
Frame 8 (1).jpg

V1 wasn't chosen due to how confusion having both 3 stars "grading system" in addition to the process bar

V2 was not selected because of the hierarchy of text 

V3 was chosen similar to V2 where the hierarchy of text is confusing. The daily and month tabs would've been a great additional feature however due to the 24-hour time limit, my team decided to focus just on how to layout the quests. 


V4 was chosen for the layout of the quests because there was a clear hierarchy of text and images. We also wanted the user to be able to view a photo of the quests. 

High Fidelity Wireframes​

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Frame 10.jpg
Frame 12.jpg
Frame 13.jpg


Sucess of Momentum can be tested using… 


Task completion rate would be measured through how many users add events and attended them vs didn’t use. Task completion rate would examine how active they are in the community and if the number of users. It will inform the design team on how to iterate and improve on. 


User satisfaction would be measured through user interviews 



Momentum was a great teamwork experience. I signed up for the FLUXathon event not knowing anyone,  the team I was assigned came from all different levels of education. If given more time, I would’ve love to explore more of the “gamify” aspect by creating quest lines. We would’ve explored identify pain points in finding events in their area that they support. Those findings could be what they can afford to do financially, emotionally, and mentally for understand the user. In addition,  I was able to work with a team under 24 hours and complete an application we were all proud of.