Designing for PickHacks 2020

Duration: August 2019-Present

Roles: Design Lead, UI Designer, Brand Designer

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Notion, and Discord 

Moodboard & Style Guide

Josie and I collaborated over the style guide for the website from the mood board below. We put together a mood board inspired by the entertainment  Our choice in colors helped establish the theme for the rest of the designs.


Style Guide

Mood Board

Poster Design

We were tasked with making a poster design for physical ads around campus. We designed this poster and the rest of the team hung up posters around S&T. Stylistically kept with the brand of a glitchy brand, so we conveyed it by glitching the Pickhacks logo.

poster design (on-campus).png

Banner and Name Tags

The name cards were designed so the judges, hacker, volunteer, organizer, and sponsors could identify each other at a glance during the event. The banners were decided for an easy indication of where things are located.

PickHacks 2020 Tags

Banners for the Venue

Name Tags

Swag Items

Going along with the theme of entertainment we made swag including stickers, a water bottle, wristband, and t-shirts.

pickhacks swag logo.png

PickHacks Swag Logo


PickHacks Wristband sent to the supplier


PickHacks Wristband


Blanket Pouch and Water Bottle


Due to the on-going global pandemic and the concerns surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re sad to push back the event to the PickHacks 2020 to the spring 2021 semester with more information to come with the format and schedule. To learn more about PickHacks check out our website.